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Co., Ltd Truong Thuan Phu Specialized in producing and trading high quality seasonal rice for local market and export. Every rice product of Thuan Phu School is produced and packed in strict accordance with the process. standards of safety and quality. For every bowl of rice to rise up the natural aroma, we always try to find and select the specialty rice varieties with distinctive flavor. Our desire is to bring delicious meals, complete for each family.



The reason should be the Royal Rice business

  • 1. Royal Rice specializes in rice specialty rice season.
  • 2. Demand for using delicious rice by people is constantly increasing.
  • 3. Rice is a basic need of every family, very easy to sell.
  • 4. Low investment budget, proactive time.

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Royal Rice Agency: 61 HT 22, P. Hiep Thanh, Q.12, TPHCM

Shop 010 Khuong Viet apartment building, Phu Trung ward, Tan Phu district, HCM city.

Delivery: 0888 00 6098

Highway 62, Phu My - Thu Thua, Tan An, Long An Province, Vietnam
252 Highway 883, Nhon Hoa, Tan Tru, Long An, Vietnam