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Vietnam is a leading exporter of rice, but most Vietnamese now use unmarked, poor quality rice. So Royal Rice was born with the goal of bringing the  delicious meal, complete for each family, help Vietnamese people to eat rice specialties of the winter rice of his own home.




Precursor is Co., Ltd Truong Thuan Phu, It specializes in producing and trading all kinds of rice for local and export markets.


Our rice products are manufactured, packaged in strict accordance with the process, with brand information, nutrients, meet the standards of safety and quality.


Rice specialties One year of winter rice farmers only harvest one or two crops, so the rice is delicious and rich in nutrients. Depending on the soil and climate of each region, which specialty rice will have its own characteristics. So with more than twenty years of experience buying rice from many parts of the country, she Vo Thi Anh Tuyet – Director of Hoang Gia Rice always mindful of trying to find and select the rice varieties of specialty rice season to bring the bowl of hot rice up the natural aroma, with distinct flavor and taste. safe for consumers.


Royal Rice Always ready to serve customers with brand prestige, product quality and standard delivery service. We have been developing and expanding the franchise system to bring the delicious rice to consumers through the chain of agents.  Royal Rice. Royal Rice Will be your trusted companion in every meal of your family.