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Turn on 4 dishes made from Japonica rice


If you have the time and skill, you can do it at home for your family to enjoy.

1. Sushi 



Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish. Along with the tea ceremony, the art of ikebanna flower arrangement, sushi has truly become a cultural feature of the country's sunrise. Sushi like colorful, colorful, diverse in type ...

Sushi has many different ingredients and recipes, but the main ingredient for making this dish is rice mixed with vinegar and other foods such as raw fish, fresh fish, seafood, vegetables, wasabi (mustard)

2. Onigiri 



Onigiri in Japanese means rice. Japanese people make grapes with small size of adult palm is popular, but there are many sizes according to different types of rice.

If it is white rice grasp, there are usually in the middle, grilled fish, grilled oyster, salted vegetables, fish with sour cream, salt dream ... and wrapped with crisp seaweed leaves. If rice is mixed (like sticky rice with red beans, rice cooked with 5 kinds of vegetables ...), there are usually no kernel, made of rice, seaweed and other types such as salmon, cod eggs, salt dream ...

Onigiri is easy to make, so it is very popular to make homemade rice for picnic or lunch.


3. Senbei



Senbei is a kind of Japanese rice cakes. Japonica rice dried rice cake is produced mainly in Kanto - a potential rice growing area. 

Usually these cakes are slightly salty. Rice flour is kneaded with water, steamed. Then the artisans continued to knead the dough has steamed two times, rolled into large rolls, rolled thin, cut shape and combined with materials such as seaweed, beans, .. depending on taste favorite. Finally, this product is dried in the sun and cooked on charcoal. When it came to you, the cake became crispy, delicious and attractive. Japanese people often use this type of cake to receive guests when the remote to visit the house.


4. Kaisendon 



Kaisendonburi is a kind of fresh seafood set on rice, but it tastes great, ensuring the taste of those who have ever tasted it.

Kaisendon is a dish made from Japonica cooked rice and covered with white surface of hot and fragrant rice. There are lots of live fish and topmost is uni - sea urchins and ikura - salmon eggs. You can also enjoy the same seafood as shrimp, octopus, squid etc

If you have the time and skill, you can do it at home for your family to enjoy.



Japonica beans are large round, when cooked for aromatic rice, white cotton, seeds are regular and sweet taste. Even when cooled, the rice retains its inherent flexibility.

Price: 29,000 VNĐ/KG

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