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July volunteer, sharing loving kindness


Many individuals and organizations often choose lunar July to do charity. And mentioning charity can not help but mention rice. On this occasion, in order to accompany the benefactors, introduce the product line TOGETHER for the community of Thuan Phu School: "RICE FLOWER SALA, RICE FLOWER FROM TAM, FLOWER FARM".

According to the Buddha, the full moon of July (lunar calendar) is also the month of death. Prosperous this month, people do good things to accumulate merit. Donate charity rice is one of the humanitarian and practical actions, bring sweet and healthy meal, warm love for the difficult.

With the charitable rice line named fragrant flower flowers Hoa Sala, Hoa Tu Tam, Hoa Uu Dam, let Hoang Gia share your noble heart.


If you are in need of charity rice for charity, worship, please contact the message or hotline 0888 00 6098.



With the meanings of our charitable giving, we will have the support of donors.




You just need to text address and quantity to buy or call us 0888 00 6098 !


Showroom: 10 Khuong Viet Apartment, Phu Trung Ward, Tan Phu Dist. HCM

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