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Royal Rice has organized 1000 gifts to help people in difficult circumstances


On June 22, the Royal Rice has organized 1000 gifts to help the elderly, the disabled, people with disabilities.




Many people in difficult circumstances came to the queue in front of the Royal Grocery store to exchange their votes and receive presents. Royal Rice wishes to be able to organize more volunteer programs to help and bring to the difficult children warm meals, rich love.



Gạo Hoàng Gia – Royal Rice


✔ Original rice specialty rice
✔ 100% clean, safe for consumers
✔ Do not impregnate, bleach
✔ Process of production and processing to keep quality grain integrity


Showroom: 010 Chung cư Khuông Việt, P. Phú Trung, Q. Tân Phú, HCM

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