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Cooking rice "his grandparents" how delicious?

Even today, technology is more modern, sometimes we still need to cook rice "his grandparents" like this!

With the development of modern technology, the cooking of rice has become very simple with only a few steps: pour rice, pour water and plug rice cooker is finished. However, there are times when the power goes out, the rice cooker fails suddenly or goes to places where there is no rice cooker, how to get rice to eat here?

This is the traditional way of cooking rice "throne" it. Review the cooking style of "his grandparents," while learning cooking tips delicious when no rice cooker to apply when necessary!


Step 1: - Wash the rice in the usual way, avoid too deep because it can deplete.



Step 2:
- Put the rice in the pot, pour water, put on the stove and cook until medium heat.
- When boiling water, turn the fire just enough enough for the pot to boil just about 5 minutes. Then turn the fire to the minimum and heat until the rice cooker has dried.


Step 3: - Turn off the stove, leave the pot on the stove for 5-10 minutes, avoid opening the region.



Step 4:
- Open the lid, rice cooker up. If the rice has just rinsed, cover again and let stand for 5 minutes.
- If the rice is a bit fuzzy, you turn on the stove to the smallest level and cook in about 10 minutes.


Imagine, but when you try to know, want a good rice cooker is a problem right?



- 2 cups (400 grams) of white rice
- 2 cups (429 grams) of water
Depending on the type of rice or the amount of rice, you can add / remove water accordingly.

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